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5 Tips To Help Increase The Value Of Your Car When Selling

  • January 03, 2019
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Are you trying to sell you car?   Here are 3 things you can do to make sure you get top dollar.

  1. Firstly ... give your car a good clean.   No one likes to see a grubby car and potential buyers, likely won't be able to see past the mess if the back seat resembles a rubbish tip.Give it a good vacuum, wipe down the dash, inside all the consoles and cup holders, and wash the outside too.If you want to go that extra mile, go to a professional car wash or get a full detail service.   However, detailing is not as necessary if you are trading your car into a car dealership, as they will probably get the car detailed themselves before they put it up for sale anyway.
  3. Secondly ... clean or upgrade your wheels/tires.   Tires and wheels are very important to buyers when they're assessing value for money. People notice tires especially because they're wondering if they're going to have to spend more money again soon.   Worn tires or uneven tires aren't a good look and can be easily replaced with even a cheap pair of matching second hand tires.   At the very least inflate the tires to their proper pressure.   If you do buy new tires, you can use them as a selling point.   If you have hubcaps and they're all scratched up or broken, buy some new ones.   If you have alloy or mag wheels, shine those babies up and give the tires a polish with some product so they look nice and black.  
  4. Headlights.   Nothing makes a second hand car look old like foggy scratched up headlights. This is usually a quickly and inexpensive fix.  
  5. Under the hood.   Check under the hood to see if any of the fluids such as brake fluid, oil, or water need topping up. If these are low, you could come across as a careless owner.
  6. Get all your paperwork in order. Make it easy for a potential buyer to get transaction going as soon as possible.   Do you have any service history receipts or a log book? Don't delay by making a customer wait for you to get your paperwork ready. If you make them wait, they might see another car they like and you lose the sale.   The sale is not done until it's done!
   I hope this information helps you out while trying to sell your car.   However, if you are trying to sell you car, but don't want all the hassle of cleaning the car, paying for ads, having strangers call/text you, then having them come to your home for test drives and then having to negotiate all on your own, contact us here at Springwood Motor World.   We've been buying and selling cars for 30 years and we can save you a whole lot of precious time and money by doing the hard work for you. Give us a call on (02) 4751 3999 or message us directly here on our Facebook page.   The Team, Springwood Motor World